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Demoi (Local Congregations)

Hellenion currently has the following chartered Demoi. Please visit the groups' Web sites or contact the Demarkhos of the group if you're interested in more information about their worship services and other programs.

Demos Location Contact
Valley of Heart's Delight, Demos of Hellenion San Jose and Alameda county, California Don
Eusebeia Demos in Memphis Memphis, Tennessee Amos


Hellenion currently has the following chartered Proto-Demoi.

Name Location Contact
Hellenic Spirit, Proto-Demos of Hellenion The greater Toronto area, Canada Melissa
Potomac Valley Palladium, Proto-Demos of Hellenion Baltimore, Maryland Suz
Proto-Demos of Artemis Mounykhia, Hellenion North Georgia Ben
Hyperborean Proto-Demos of Hellenion Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota Victory
Proto-Demos of the North Atlantic Nereids, Hellenion South-East Connecticut and Westerly, Rhode Island Julia
Hellenion Proto-Demos tes Hagnes Persephones Santa Fe area, New Mexico Gitana
Arete NYC, Proto-Demos of Hellenion New York city area Athallia
Xenia, Proto-Demos of Hellenion Denton, Texas Conor

Founding a Demos or Proto-Demos

Three members in good standing, not all of whom live together, may form a Demos in their local area and apply for a charter. To start your own Demos, please print and fill out the Demos Application form and submit it to the following address:

P.O. Box #392
Whiting, IN 46394

Any member in good standing may request to form a Proto-Demos by sending a letter of intent to the Prutaneis.

Demos leaders and members may wish to read ΒΙΒΛΙΟΝ ΔΗΜΟΙΣ, our Demos manual.

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