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Frequently Asked Questions about Hellenion Membership

  1. How much does membership cost?

    Membership currently costs US$10 annually for regular adult members, and US$5 for minor members (under age 18 at time of application).

  2. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept personal checks drawn on a US bank, money orders in US funds, and cash.

  3. What do I get for my membership?

    First and foremost, you become a voting member of Hellenion, eligible to run for office and have a direct say in the administration of Hellenion. You will have access to our mailing lists and to our educational programs. You will be able to participate as a voting member in a local congregation, if one exists, or to apply to found such a congregation, if you wish.

  4. Do I have to send a photo ID? I don't want strangers to have my social security number.

    You may send either a photocopy of your photo identification or a notarized signature. This is used only for proof of age. You may block out any identification numbers (social security number, etc.) on the photocopy; your date of birth must be visible however. Personal information is never released to the general public, or to other members; only the Grammateus (secretary) has your information on file, and then only for use in Hellenion business, such as mailing election ballots and renewals notices. Members' personal information will only be disclosed to the authorities as required by law, e.g., by court order or to report charitable contributions for tax purposes.

  5. When are renewals due?

    Memberships are renewable annually. The due date is September 15th of each year. If the 15th falls on a Sunday, dues received at the post office box on September 16th will be considered on time.

  6. How much does it cost to renew?

    Annual dues for regular members are US$10. Membership dues for minors (under 18 on September 15th) are US$5.

  7. But I just joined a few months ago! Do I have to pay again?

    Because membership dues are so low, it isn't practical for us to offer pro-rating of dues. So, yes, you will have to pay again if you wish to remain a member.

  8. I paid by PayPal and my address is the same as last year. Do I still have to send in the renewal form?

    Yes. We need your legal signature on the form to prevent fraud. Your renewal is not considered complete until we have both the signed form and your payment. If either is late, so is your renewal.

  9. I live outside the US and PayPal isn't available for my country. What the best way to pay my dues?

    You have two choices. You can buy an international money order or bank draft in US dollars from your local bank or post office, or from companies like American Express. Alternatively, you can exchange currency in your country and send US cash through the mail. We have had several European members choose the latter option, since the fees for currency exchange are often much less than those for a money order or cashier's check. To date, we have never had anyone's dues get lost in the mail.

  10. Can I transfer funds directly into Hellenion's bank account?

    Not at this time. The bank charges are too high to make this a workable option for us, and for security reasons we do not disclose our bank account number to the public.

  11. What happens if I don't renew?

    You will no longer be considered a member in good standing.

  12. What does it mean to be "in good standing"?

    Only members in good standing are able to vote in Hellenion elections and referenda. Elected and appointed office holders, volunteers, clergy and clergy candidates are required to remain in good standing at all times in order to fulfill their functions within Hellenion.

  13. What happens if my renewal is late?

    You will no longer be a member of Hellenion and therefore will not have access to the benefits of membership: our education programs, mailing lists, local congregations, etc.

    Further, if you are a Theoros (ordained clergyperson), your clergy credentials may be revoked. If you are an elected or appointed office holder, you will be considered to have resigned from your position. If you are a volunteer, your job may be passed on to another member.

  14. I got really busy and let my membership lapse, but I want to renew now. What should I do?

    According to our bylaws, any member who does not renew within three months of the deadline (that is, by December 15th) is considered to have voluntarily resigned membership. If the person wants to re-join at a later date, they must fill out and send in a new membership application, including proof of age, along with their payment. Their membership will be renewable the following September 15th as usual.

    If it is before December 15th, you can send in your renewal form and payment. Please note that you have not been "in good standing" during the interim. (See #12 and #13.)

  15. Can I still participate in my local Demos if I don't renew on time?

    Demos membership is contingent upon membership in Hellenion National. The Demos may allow you to participate as a guest, but you will not be permitted to vote within the Demos, hold office, or otherwise act as a full member of the Demos until you have renewed your membership with National.

  16. Can I stay on the mailing lists if I don't renew?

    Most of Hellenion's mailing lists are for members only. If your renewal is not received by the deadline, you will be unsubscribed from these mailing lists.

  17. I don't plan to renew my membership. Do I need to let anyone know?

    That's not necessary. However, if you are leaving for reasons you think we should know about, please don't hesitate to contact the Prutaneis, who are in a position to help you (as the members of the mailing lists are not). It would be very helpful if you would unsubscribe yourself from any closed Hellenion mailing lists you may be on. You can do this from the YahooGroups web site, or by sending a blank email to substituting the name of the mailing you wish to leave for "listname."

  18. Is it possible to extend the deadline?

    Under certain circumstances, yes.

  19. What should I do to request an extension?

    To request an extension, you must contact the Grammateus (secretary) before September 15th and explain your circumstances. Extensions of up to one month may be granted.

  20. What kinds of circumstances would qualify for an extension?

    In order to qualify for an extension, a member must be facing a serious situation that makes it impossible to renew on time, such as grave illness, death in the family, and the like.

  21. I really can't afford the dues. Do I still have to pay?

    We try to keep dues low. At this time, membership in Hellenion costs about 83 cents a month-that's less than a cup of coffee or bus fare in most cities. However, if paying this amount would cause serious hardship for your household, you may contact the Prutaneis to request that your dues be waived in part or in whole.

    Some members occasionally donate funds, requesting that they be used to cover dues for those who are not able to pay. If you receive a free membership, we ask you to consider "paying it forward" by making a contribution to Hellenion when you are able.

  22. What happens if my check bounces?

    You will be asked to send a replacement payment by money order, along with a returned-check fee of $10 to cover bank charges. You will not be considered in good standing until your payment has cleared the bank.

  23. I still have questions. Whom should I contact?

    If you have any questions about the renewal process, contact the Prutaneis at Ελληνιον.

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