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The Hymnodia Project is an online compendium of hymns, prayers, and other devotional material by and for modern worshippers of the gods of ancient Greece. The goal of this program is to encourage the worship of our gods by making contemporary hymns available to the worldwide Hellenic community via the Internet. The Hymnodia Project is an official program of Hellenion.
This project is on the move to

All authors retain copyright to their work, so if you would like to reprint a piece in a newsletter, on your website, or elsewhere, please contact the author directly for permission. However, no prior permission is required to link to this page.

May the Gods inspire your creativity!

Hymns, Prayers, and Other Devotional Material

To The Olympian Gods

To Other Gods

To The Chthonic Gods

Rituals and Festivals

To The Titans

On Nature



If you would like to submit work to the Hymnodia Project, please email it to Grammateus.

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