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The Prutaneis (Board of Directors)

Name Office/Programs Term of Office
as Prutaneis
seat number
Jennifer Lawrence Tamias (Treasurer)* 2011-2014 1
Victory White Epistates (President)* 2009-2014 2
Melissa Gold   2009-2014 3
S. Watkins   2009-2014 4
Robert Orofino   2011-2014 5
Yvonne Rathbone   2011-2014 6
Alexandra Oliveira   2013-2016 7
Mark H.   2013-2016 8
Alexandra B.   2013-2016 9

* The corporate officers are appointed by the Prutaneis as a whole. The terms of office listed apply only to their positions as Prutaneis, not as corporate officers.

Grammateus (Secretary), Membership Support

Kelly McKnight

Epistates (President)

Victory White

Antepistates (Vice-President)


The Boule (Advisory Council) 2013-2014

Name Location Representative of
Anne Hatzakis Denver, CO Membership At Large
Conor O'Bryan Warren North Texas Membership At Large
Katherine Atlanta Membership At Large
Mark H. New Mexico Membership At Large
Richard Harper Michigan Membership At Large

Theoroi (Clergy)

Name Dedication Date of Ordination
We have several candidates in training    

Theoroi are available for consultation on matters of religious practice and to lead ritual.

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