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E-mail Lists

Hellenion maintains a number of emailing lists, some for members and some open to the public. The primary list open to the public that serves as our "front porch" for visiting with neighbors or those interested in possibly becoming members is Hellenion Chat .

The members-only lists include:

Hellenion List Notes
Hellenion The main list, for discussion of organizational issues and general fellowship among members.
Hellenion_Study Our online classroom for adult education courses and ad hoc study groups.
Hellenion_Prutaneis A list for our board members.
Hellenion_Boule A list for our Boule (advisory council).
Hellenion_ClergyEd A list for students in the clergy education program.
Hellenion_Web A committee list for those working on our Web site.


Regional Hellenion Emailing Lists

For those who wish to be involved in their local Hellenic community. Subscription to some of these lists may be limited to members of Hellenion, but most are open to all:

United States - East Coast

Region Notes
New England Includes Upstate NY.
North Carolina For those in or near the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill).

United States - Midstates

Region Notes
Midwest Midstates.

United States - Southwest and West Coast

Region Notes
Pacific Northwest For those in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territories.
Southwest AZHellenes, an open list for all in the area.

Outside the United States

Region Notes
Australia For those in Australia.
Canada For those in Canada.
Europe For those in Europe.

Other Lists of Interest

While not under the auspices of Hellenion, these lists may be of interest to Hellenic Polytheists.

List Notes
HellenicPagan A general Hellenic and Roman Pagan emailing list for those just wishing to converse, but not join any specific organization.
Hellenismos-L For discussion on Greek reconstructionism and employing ancient practices in the modern day.

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